We focus on helping you achieve your goals - whether they are business, financial, or lifestyle.

Graeme Matthews, Chartered Accountant

Graeme has 25 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant in a commercial environment including manufacturing, construction and transport sectors. To our clients, Graeme brings professional accounting and tax expertise combined with a deep understanding of commercial operations and the drivers of business success.

Manisha Matthews,  Accounting Manager

Manisha has 25 years’ experience as an accountant and accounting manager in a commercial environment including manufacturing and transport sectors. To our clients, Manisha brings diverse accounting, cash management and systems expertise.

We understand the challenges faced by small to medium size businesses.

We have owned and managed a small manufacturing business in NZ and we understand from firsthand experience the stresses and strains in managing a business.

We talk your language; with our commercial/manufacturing background we are good at presenting financial information to businesses in a supportive and user friendly manner.

As professional accountants we provide that financial dimension of good systems, good cash flow and strong financial management which are key foundations allowing you and your business to do what you do best and achieve the best results.

With tax regulations becoming more complex, good tax management is crucial for businesses. We can help you to minimise your tax by ensuring your business and personal affairs have been structured to ensure you pay the least amount of tax.


Traditionally the accounting industry has charged on a time and cost basis. Sometimes due to uncertainty of the work involved this is the most appropriate method and actually some clients prefer this. However we know that most clients would prefer some idea in advance what the likely fee will be.

Each year we will check with you what services you require, the timing of those services and the likely cost.